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Meet Our Mentor: Dinar Adeline, International Digital Economic Analyst

Meet Our Mentor: Dinar Adeline, International Digital Economic Analyst

Introduce yourself, what are you currently engaged with?

My name is Dinar Ayu Adeline, I am now active as an International Tax Analyst, and am in charge of international tax disputes. I am also responsible of the preparation of Digital Economy regulation in Indonesia whilst making sure that Indonesia is at the level playing field internationally.

Apart from my main responsibilities, I am active in Indonesian Association of British Alumni, volunteered in UNDP, and proudly a mother of two and enjoying my time with the kids at home during non-professionals hours.

What kind of trends or awareness are needed by startups to get involved in the Digital Economy?

In the Digital Economy realm, especially in Indonesia, startups are growing in strategic ways. It is a perfect market for the companies, startups and the ecosystem itself.

We have a larger capacity today, with Indonesia’s infrastructure in technology rising rapidly in the last 10 years. Indonesian now possess the knowledge of innovation and technology development. Those points make Indonesia one of the hottest countries in the Digital Economy in South East Asia, and possibly Worldwide.

What are the key points that startups should be aware of in the Digital Economy especially in Indonesia?

First, the culture of the market itself, i.e. how people are going to perceive new products, how people use these services, as well as customer behavior in one particular area. Culture is vital and surely not only applied to Indonesian market.

Then, the target market. The startups should be aware of the level of economic development in a country, demographics of age and productivities of the population in a country that they are targeting. This would affect the consumption levels and the market preferences.

Finally, the regulation considering Digital Economy. They should be aware of the obstacles in each country's regulations in the Digital Economy while they are penetrating the new market of that country.

What made you want to become a mentor at Plug and Play? What do you love most about mentoring?

I am interested in how the startups with their innovation from diverse verticals and areas can help and support the ecosystem as well as increasing the welfare in developing countries.

What I love the most about mentoring is the opportunities to be engaged and collaborate in several aspects of the ecosystem. We also can have different perspectives to shape the next wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. I also learn about the new ideas, new innovations and new technologies, where I can then determine how I can help them based on my best capacity and performance to grow and succeed in their business.

What is your best wisdom or advice for the startups that are in the journey for achieving their success?

Please always take your perspective from the customer's side, where innovation is born to help the society with the aim of efficiency and effectiveness. Take a perspective of how the end user is going to use your innovation and make it become user-friendly. Your innovation should help to solve problems that can be found in other societies as well.


Dinar Adeline is an analyst in the Ministry of Finance who specializes in government relations, tax law and policy, and international tax. She published her research with UNDP on grassroots innovations to support the SDGs in 2021 and was awarded the British Council Future Leaders Indonesia 2021. Besides her professional career, she is a mother of two sons and a fluffy toy poodle.

About GIA Indonesia Program

Dinar Adeline is a mentor on the GIA Indonesia B5 Accelerator Programme. This program raises awareness of Indonesia’s regulations on technology, innovations, and digital economy, supporting startups in their preparation before entering the Indonesia Market.

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