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KK Fund, a Singapore-Headquartered venture capital fund investing in seed stage internet and mobile startups across South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, supported by Plug and Play APAC (PnP APAC), the regional hub of a Silicon Valley-Headquartered corporate innovation platform and venture capital investing in early stage startups, is launching Meet your Match Singapore session which is an initiative to match investors to Singapore-based startups in light of the uncertain situation due to the Covid-19 virus. In order to support the startup ecosystem, KK Fund and PnP APAC have signed up more than 100 investors to participate in this initiative to connect Singapore startups with potential investors.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, governments in various SEA countries have enacted measures that severely limit traveling. For example, Singaporeans and long-term pass holders are advised to defer all non-essential travel abroad to prevent the spread of the virus as Singapore’s fight against Covid-19 enters a new phase. While these measures are enacted to mitigate the pandemic, it nevertheless resulted in fewer face-to-face meetings between startups and investors.

Both KK Fund and PnP APAC believe that we should not let the current situation stand in the way of promising startups meeting potential investors. As such, KK Fund with the support of PnP APAC launched the “Meet your Match” initiative for startups and investors to meet online.

Expanded scope for “Meet your Match” session

For the first session, we focused on Thai startups. However, due to overwhelming response from both the investors and the startups, we decided to expand the scope to cover Singapore as well.

KK Fund’s Founder and General Partner, Koichi Saito emphasised that startups should not stop talking to investors in light of a market slowdown. Startups should be perfectly ready for fundraising when the market momentum changes again. We hope that the startups will take full advantage of this opportunity and move to greater heights.


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