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Safety and Security in the Workplace Ensured and Transformed by Invigilo and EMS Group

Safety and Security in the Workplace Ensured and Transformed by Invigilo and EMS Group

Invigilo joined forces with EMS Group, a major manufacturing firm in the Philippines, to cultivate innovation in the Philippine’s Industry 4.0 Security Technology scene. Together, they are engaging to be a vehicle of AI-powered tech to improve the safety of the manufacturing sites, initially in the era of pandemic safety protocols, which serves as the springboard for future projects in facial and emotion recognition, and operations security.

About EMS Group

Established for 18 years, with 6 plants, and 19,000 employees, EMS Group is a complete electronic, semiconductor and medical subcontracting group that offers technology and manufacturing solutions. Backed by the most credible industry experts, EMS group employs quality driven and innovative strategies in achieving the Quality, Cost and Productivity targets of the customer. Committed to keeping the Philippines' edge in electronics and semiconductor manufacturing.

About Invigilo

Invigilo Technologies is a Singapore based and Singaporean founded company. They provide video analytics safety solutions designed to automatically identify anomalous actions in real time in high risk environments. Invigilo’s AI safety solutions has a broad range of use cases in construction, security and surveillance, manufacturing, maritime, industrial sites and more. Their software integrates with customers' existing video management systems and IP cameras. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, they implement the learnings from the many years of analyses of accident reporting, work injury, monitoring and surveillance security.

The Partnership

In 2021, as a result of the deal flow sprouting out of the second installment of the GIA Manila Tech Showcase, Invigilo and EMS came together to address the manufacturing sites in the time of pandemic safety protocols. After signing an MOU, Invigilo was able to run their AI in EMS’s sites, which eventually brought about the discussions of EMS becoming a potential marketing and channel partner for Invigilo as they look to scale in the Philippines. This partnership opens the doors for EMS to possibly host the server of the AI locally as a channel for them to showcase Invigilo’s solutions to EMS’ network of customers.

Keeping the engagement warm in 2022, now that the manufacturing industry is shifting their onsite pain points from social distancing, and safety protocols to onsite and cyber security, EMS, in partnership with Invigilo, aims to leverage on addressing these pain points by further exploring Invigilo’s CCTV AI capabilities. To provide more value to their customers, they aim to explore how they can utilize Invigilo’s technology to address pilferage in the on-site workplace, firearms and weapon detection and alert systems, as well as employee productivity and risk elimination.

With EMS’ aim to embrace Industry 4.0 and to be a leader in cascading innovation within the manufacturing industry, paired up with Invigilo’s flexibility, adaptive, and receptive solutions, this partnership displays sustainable outcomes that can make waves in the Philippines’ Industrial Market.

Key Takeaways

  • With a market that is early and learning to adapt, support from the enablers is a must

Entering a new market is never a smooth and easy process. There is quite a bit of understanding that needs to be done on the business culture’s nuances, so guidance from startup enablers like Plug and Play serve a big role in navigating these differences.

  • Relationship building in the Philippines cannot be done alone

With the manufacturing space in the Philippines being on the more traditional side, expect that hand-holding and educating the users as part of the process. Building a solid network and most especially some rapport requires referrals from trusted parties, and it’s through programs like the GIA Manila that startups are given heightened access to building these warm business relationships.

  • Open innovation is an ongoing learning process

Understanding the meaning of open innovation is learnt through trial and error. It is through EMS’ engagement with an accelerator with a global infrastructure that they are able to work with technology startups that easily adapt to the needs of the market, as opposed to a limited and restricted internal approach.

How Plug and Play Can Help

Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations. Collaborating with startups is a great source of inspiration and innovation, but it can also be a challenge at times. Let us show you how to adopt the concept of open innovation to help your business succeed.


Invigilo Technologies is part of our GIA Manila Acceleration Program Batch 2 which seeks to help Singaporean startups expand their market reach to the largest emerging market economies in Southeast Asia.

The GIA is an initiative of Enterprise Singapore (ESG), in partnership with IMDA. Comprising a network of Singapore and overseas partners in major innovation hubs and key demand markets, GIA programs focus on technology and innovation. Plug and Play is Singapore’s GIA Partner in Jakarta and Manila.

Find out more about our GIA Manila program here.


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