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Turning eSIMs into Life-Changing Water: Airalo's Mission to Tackle Poverty in Cameroon

When eSIMs turn into water

At Airalo, we have a mission that’s very dear to our hearts and that we deeply believe in. We want to be a powerful weapon against poverty, discrimination and ignorance. We have a theory that if human nation could fix those 3 things we would have heaven on earth. If the families can support themselves, the children are able to go to school. If they are educated, they have better economic opportunities. If the society would give equal opportunities to everyone, we will be able to win the fight against discrimination.

We're truly humbled to share with you that we are holding onto our mission. We’ve just built our first water well in a tiny village in Cameroon.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our customers for your continuous support. Just by getting an eSIM from Airalo or telling friends about us, you have helped us bring clean water to the village called Babou in Cameroon. Your eSIMs turned into clean and safe water for this village. These kids that you see in the video will not have to walk 5 miles a day to get water from an unsafe water source ever again.

Airalo's first water well in Babou, Cameroon

Why is water so important?

Every day in rural communities throughout Africa, millions of people suffer from the lack of access to clean, safe water. Globally, 1 in 9 people still have no access to clean water but in many African regions, it's 8 out of 9. Water is a daily and crippling challenge. Without water you can't grow food, you can't stay healthy, you can't go to school and you can't keep working. For school-aged children it's a burden that traps them in poverty. Giving access to safe water will break the very first barrier to a better life and turn problems into potential — unlocking education, economic opportunity and improved health.

This water well is the first of many good things to come.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions about our initiatives.


ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Marius Royal, content creator at Airalo

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