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Vaccination as a New Routine and Lifestyle

As more and more countries are facing the second, third, or even fourth surge of COVID-19 cases, vaccination is seen as the only logical solution to withstand the ever-rampant SARS-CoV2 and its mutations. Several results have supported this expectation. Chile’s study on CoronaVac (a product of Sinovac, the same vaccine maker that supplies most of the vaccines deployed in Indonesia) resulted in 67% effectiveness on preventing COVID-19 infection, and 80% effectiveness on preventing deaths due to COVID-19 infection. Meanwhile, Israel as a country with the highest vaccination rate in the world, has declared itself open to business and dropped its mandatory usage of mask in outdoor setting starting from April 19, 2021. This is due to the sharp decline of COVID-19 cases after more than half of the population is fully vaccinated.

Indonesia has also been running a huge vaccination campaign. As of April 20, 2021, a total of 11.1 million Indonesians have been vaccinated at least once with the first dose. But once we take this number into a bigger perspective, it’s only 4.1% of the country's population of more than 270 million people. As a socially responsible enterprise, MyHealth Diary is in support of the vaccination program and ran an innovative vaccination centre starting from April 5, 2021. The vaccination centre was located in Jakarta International Equestrian Park (Pacuan Kuda), a spacious facility in the eastern part of the city. Taking advantage of our experience in health-related technology, we built a portal that helped to streamline the vaccination process. The screening was done upfront at home and appointments slotted in staggered time, resulting in shorter queue. Also, instead of the usual vaccination operation, MyHealth Diary offered a drive-thru system where those who wished to be vaccinated could wait comfortably inside of their car, motorcycle or bike. This system also resulted in better physical distancing, lowering the risk of contracting COVID between participants. As we closed our door for the first part of our vaccination effort in mid-April, more than 3,000 people had been vaccinated. Most of the vaccine recipients were teachers, since MyHealth Diary was also committed to supporting the Education Agency of DKI Jakarta (Dinas Pendidikan) in their mission to reactivate onsite teaching in schools.

For the second part of vaccination, we will further integrate our vaccination portal with MyHealth Diary app, enabling a seamless process of vaccination in one app. Aside from the registration, users will also be able to keep and access their vaccination records inside our app. This integration will also support MyHealth Diary's launching of Health Passport module, an innovative feature that will further consolidate user’s data (including vaccination record), allowing them to travel worry-free. The second part of vaccination will be started in early May and we are excited to see how our app and the new Health Passport feature will be serve the public even better along with the offline vaccination drive.

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ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: IRMAWATY TANUDIN Irmawaty Tanudin is the Co-Founder of MyHealth Diary.

MyHealth Diary is one of our GK Plug and Play program alumni startups in Indonesia.

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