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How Anzene Accelerates Eco-Friendly Innovation

How Anzene Accelerates Eco-Friendly Innovation

The eco-friendly movement began in the 1990s, when awareness about the negative effects of using non-renewable resources surfaced in the public. Eco-friendly movements were in the forms of small groups that aimed to slow down the continuous usage and consumption of non-renewable resources. (The Eco-Friendly Movement, n.d.)

Eco-friendly movements come in various forms and have transformed throughout the years. Today, the current economic crisis and climate change encourages more to join the movement. (Green growth and eco-innovation, 2012)

However, environmental awareness is also raised through technology. This is called eco-innovation – in which, companies design a product so that it remains sustainable and ecological throughout the product’s lifetime. (Green growth and eco-innovation, 2012 & Eco-innovation, n.d. )

Anzena follows the same design. It is built to provide sustainable and clean energy to e-mobile users, who otherwise, will be using non-renewable energy from coal and fossil fuel plants. (PROs and CONs: A review of the disadvantages of electric scooters and bikes, n.d.)

While some argue that e-bikes and e-scooters are more environment-friendly than traditional vehicles, because e-mobiles do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere, e-mobiles make use of non-replenishable energy. It simply shifts the location of the pollution source, from the city highways to coal and fossil fuel power plants. (Zoleta, 2018 & PROs and CONs: A review of the disadvantages of electric scooters and bikes, n.d.)

Anzena fixes this problem. It is a go-to battery pod that the e-bike rider can tap into whenever the e-bike is running out of energy. The difference is, you are tapping into clean, renewable energy that is good for the environment. (What is Sustainable Energy?, n.d.)

Sustainable energy is a form of energy that meets the demands of modern humans, at the same time, it prioritizes non-renewable energy sources to prevent depletion and complete wipeout. (What is Sustainable Energy?, n.d.)

However, many still do not choose sustainable energy despite of being aware of the consequences of its non-sustainable counterparts. This is largely because of sustainable energy is expensive and imposes a change many of us do not want to take. (Renewable Energy: Why Don’t We Use It More If It’s So Great?, 2015)

This is the truth, sadly. Fortunately, technologies such as Anzena provide an easier means of accessing this renewable energy! It offers a technological and modern way of using sustainable energy without troubling the user. (, n.d.)

Moreover, it presents the technologies that the Anzena team has developed that aim to reduce the environmental impact of our society in terms of technological products. (Development of Environmental Technologies, n.d. &, n.d.)

It works as a simple e-bike add-on, therefore, it is difficult to refuse. Additionally, it doesn’t really provide a “change” many would view as troublesome. But instead, it works by “altering” a simple step to a much simpler one. (Renewable Energy: Why Don’t We Use It More If It’s So Great?, 2015)

By working a simple, noble cause, Anzena presents a new world of providing technological assistance to humans, and at the same time, reduce harmful damages against the environment. (Development of Environmental Technologies, n.d.)

Through this, Anzena, along with other companies accelerates the eco-friendly movement by making it more accessible to the simple folk. This urges more people to join the eco-friendly innovation.

Anzena is not only powering our vehicles, but also our futures.




Joshua Chuah is the CEO & Co-Founder of Anzene.

Joshua TX Woon is the CSO of Anzene.

Anzene is a part of our Batch 5 Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Jakarta Program.

To find out more about Anzene on LinkedIn, click here.

To find out more about our GIA Jakarta, click here.


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